Notice, WE just made a Sale

A not so long ago I happened to call up a prospect. We had shared our visiting cards at a networking event and I doubt if he remembered me from the thousands of folks who attended the event. I was skeptical but decided to give it an attempt for the most potent reason behind his discussion was on Cloud products.

He had been discussing with some of his colleagues and friends about evaluating a Cloud based solution. I had got relative experience on Cloud based products and with our offerings relative to the areas I thought we would be a potential match to the company.


After the initial pleasantries I offered him a quick introduction to our offerings. He had been carefully examining couple of CRMs for his organization but wanted to understand how could we help him in the situation. It gets difficult sometimes to be obvious. The obvious fact was that we were a documentation solutions company, but that was not all we do.

We are slowly and gradually paving our feets in the areas of Cloud assessments, Big Data and Hadoop, Sales marketing, Software development and all. The client was glad to hear that.

When we got to work on the project, I must admit a few cold nerves. But the few decisions that I had made which was done in pursuit of acquiring projects had made me understand the importance of decision-making. This time, I ensured that I was with the project team right from when we started bidding to evaluation to reviews and finally delivery. The client was so happy with our service that he has given us more projects to work on.

I understand the importance of networking but it is also important to talk to the right people, say ‘no’ wherever necessary, confront the situation, provide more impetus to the projects and so on. You can always sell provided you know how.

About Blue Dots Consultancy Services:-Pioneered in the year 2014 and based out of Bengaluru (India), Blue Dots Consultancy Services is one of the agile and just-in-time Consulting startups that creates innovative solutions for solving critical business problems faced by the Content management and Documentation industry. Coupled with exceptional customer centric mindset and the hunger to create success for the eco system, Blue Dots believes that it can create disruption in the industry and create its niche. Hardly a few months into operations, Blue Dots has already delivered a good number of successful projects and is in discussion with a few large customers. You can read the company services here.


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