Requirement gathering is a key

I can’t possibly wear a mask and tell my students and trainees that “all’s well”. I run a business and even if it means that I should ignore certain things to get more revenue for business my instincts forbade me. One of the things that I try to acknowledge and showcase them is “tools are important but your writing skills are even more important in technical writing.” Some of them do not like when I am blunt. A few do not even call back to register for the technical writing program even when they had initially signed up for it. But I feel it is important that as technical writers we should ensure that writing addresses and becomes the the backbone of a good structured program.


When we conduct a program on technical writing, I focus and spent a great deal of time on the basics. Generally, I ask my trainees to write a paragraph or two on a technical topic. This initial exercises without their knowledge provides me insights into their research and writing skills. I always believed in the philosophy that technical writing is spending 60 percent in requirement gathering and the rest 40 percent in putting the information in a document. The other key aspect in documentation is requirement gathering.

  • Understand the product or application to be developed
  • Gain an understanding of the domain or subject matter
  • Understand client requirements for documentation
  • Study legacy documentation and writing style guides used by the client
  • Provide content consulting or evangelism
  • Propose documentation deliverable and tools to be used
  • Prepare effort estimate
  • Propose team size and composition

Requirement gathering is a key:

  • If the requirements are incorrectly, inaccurately or incompletely specified there is little chance the solution will be what is needed.
  • Requirements are the basis on which potential solutions are assessed.
  • Requirements identify what is needed. They are not the solution, rather they provide definition of what the solution needs to address.

About Blue Dots Consultancy Services:-Pioneered in the year 2014 and based out of Bengaluru (India), Blue Dots Consultancy Services is one of the agile and just-in-time Consulting startups that creates innovative solutions for solving critical business problems faced by the Content management and Documentation industry. Coupled with exceptional customer centric mindset and the hunger to create success for the eco system, Blue Dots believes that it can create disruption in the industry and create its niche. Hardly a few months into operations, Blue Dots has already delivered a good number of successful projects and is in discussion with a few large customers. You can read the company services here.


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